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How Many Ks are Too Many? I Think 2 are Plenty

You know what’s fun and civic-minded?  Coming out to an event that raises money for a local cause.  You know what’s sweaty and hard and makes me tired?  Running five whole kilometers.  You know how long a marathon is?  Like 42 kilometers!  That’s a lot of Ks.  These things can get out of hand if you’re not …

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A New Family Hobby: Geocaching

I honestly don’t know what kept us from discovering this a long time ago.  It’s not like plenty of people haven’t said, “You guys would really get a kick out of this!”  What am I talking about? Geocaching. For the uninformed, geocaching is the act of searching out little boxes or packages hidden by others, …

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{Guest author, Gabriel} Playland Adventures

I went to play land adventures for a school field trip.  The Opal Myrick 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders all got to go! It was awesome!!!! I went on the mechanical bull!  It was really, really hard, but i made it to level 11!  Also, there was a wrecking ball.  You have to knock …

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Easy Home Science Experiments For Kids

Isn’t it fun to make a mess with your kids, and maybe teach them something at the same time? Science experiments you can do at home don’t have to be hard, they don’t have to be costly, and they don’t have to be too messy. But to keep a kid’s interest, they have to be …

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It’s time to cut the faces! Boy, it couldn’t have come any sooner!  Jake’s been counting down until it’s time to cut the pumpkin faces.  We let the kids paint their pumpkin faces when we got our pumpkins, so many days ago, but they couldn’t carve them until almost Halloween, since it’s been so warm. …

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Blossom Kiss Cookies In Ten Easy Steps

This recipe is a quick one, so pay attention. First, get a package of peanut butter cookies.  The kind they sell at Wal*Mart for $1.89. Step 2:  Unwrap some Hershey’s Kisses and sample for quality control. Step 3: Do whatever it says on the back of the package. Step 4: Even better, get one of …

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We Succeeded In Taking A Kid With Autism To Disney – And You Can Too!

I’m not going to pretend it was easy, but it was possible – and very worth it! Every kid should get the chance to experience the “happiest place on earth,” and Jake is no exception.  There’s a school of thought that says it’s OK to leave your child with ASD home when the rest of …

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We had this 20 year old tube TV go on the fritz.  It needed to be thrown away, but that’s boring.  I figured it would be way more fun to smash it.  Problem is, the timing was never right, and it sat in the corner of my mudroom until today.  I swung by our local …

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In Demand … again!

Wow! What a day. When we embarked on this journey called Autism almost 9 years ago, we had no idea where it would take us. In fact, that’s the scary part of having a child with a developmental disorder – none of the books you read when planning for your firstborn mention that he won’t …

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Yeah, we’re THAT family.

You know that family that always seem to take everything a little further than is necessary? That’s us. We don’t go for a hike, we climb a mountain. We don’t just camp out in a tent in the backyard, we bivouac the kids into a lean-to for the week. So when it came time to …

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