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Getting To Try Some New Things

I’ve been a blogger now for about 408 posts, and I’d like to think I’ve learned a thing or two.  Maybe three.  No, more like two, who am I kidding?  But hey, even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while. This is Beth’s first year teaching writing at Medway Middle, and she has …

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Autism and Obesity

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Or – Why kids should keep recess. Or – Why exercise helps kids learn. Or – Put down your device and get moving. My kids are active and strong. They would rather climb mountains than sit and play video games all day. They are all of normal body weight. I am, after all, a physical …

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Surviving The Holidays, An Autism Family Guide: 12 Tips

I realize I can’t speak for all kids/adults on the spectrum, but I’ve got a pretty good understanding of my own son, and hope to share with you some of the realities of surviving the holidays with a kid on the spectrum. I’ve also been doing some reflecting, and feel like it’s always “autism sucks …

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We Succeeded In Taking A Kid With Autism To Disney – And You Can Too!

I’m not going to pretend it was easy, but it was possible – and very worth it! Every kid should get the chance to experience the “happiest place on earth,” and Jake is no exception.  There’s a school of thought that says it’s OK to leave your child with ASD home when the rest of …

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Finally, Five Extra Minutes

photography, sunrise, silhouette, autumn, fall

I’ve come to the conclusion that I either need a bigger backpack, a smaller camera, or to hit the snooze button one less time.

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Photography How-To: Shooting In The Dark

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Hey, I was looking through my facebook pics the other day looking for a supporting photo for a post planned for Sunday, when I became aware that I take a lot of pictures at night.  You may have heard that the worst time of day to take a picture is “high noon.”  This is because …

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Guy Stuff

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We all know that I was raised by women, so I get excited when I get the chance to do guy stuff. Or, in this case, watch guys who do guy stuff. Maybe I’ll learn something, right?

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Experiment with Exposure – Silhouettes

You know, people often ask me what kind of camera I use. I try to impress on them that any camera, no matter how fancy, is just a box that collects light. It’s knowing how to use it that makes the difference. Not that we’re even on the same page artistically, but if I picked up Jimi Hendrix’s guitar, I still couldn’t play a chord. It’s not the tool, it’s the knowledge.

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Six Things

jacob autism bigcalfguy asd awareness six thing

  There has been much written and said about autism, but most of it has been aimed at helping people understand the mind of an affected child. I want to take this opportunity not to add to that already extensive list, but rather share the top six things we as parents want you to know …

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How I Shot My Kids – And Got 400 People To “Like” It.

I posted a picture to Facebook.com yesterday and it went viral. OK, viral’s a strong word, but it’s the most popular picture I’ve ever posted to FB, and I’ve posted thousands. The most common reaction is “Wow! Awesome picture!” This is followed almost immediately by, “Who took it?” I did. And here’s how:

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