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May 05 2017

Everyone Loves A Bad Boy

He’s back!  Jake’s two week ban from posting on YouTube has ended!  His first order of business?  Post the video I made in iMovie of his Special Olympics adventures.  I never did get a response from the “appeal form” I submitted requesting some level of intervention. I wanted to keep the two weeks for lesson-learning purposes, but …

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May 03 2017

Special Olympics: Penobscot Track and Field

Today was, I suspect, the first of many Special Olympic appearances for Jake.  This path started for him back in August of ’16 when he watched with wide eyes the athletes of the world compete in Rio.  He asked his mother if he, too, could do that.  As we looked at each other across the …

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Apr 24 2017

The End of Jake’s YouTube Channel?

Jake’s in trouble. He’s violated YouTube Community Guidelines, and not for the first time.  He is posting unwanted and copywritten material in a pervasive and persistent manner to the popular site.  He’s pretty freaked.  We didn’t know for a couple of reasons.  1.  Who reads the fine print?  2.  Jake doesn’t check his email  3.  …

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Feb 11 2017

What a wild week!

It’s been a wild week.  We’re at the epicenter of the Super Storm that is basketball, cheering, pep band, and show choir.   All Star Rec Basketball and Pep Band are almost over, but Competition Cheering and Show Choir are ramping up for the upcoming regionals.  It leaves precious little free time.  Mix that in …

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Jan 20 2017

My not-so-little drummer boy

The same child of mine who, for years, avoided a gymnasium like the plague, has become a social butterfly at the several-times-per-week high school games we now take part in.  You should see it.  It’s pretty remarkable.  It’s the loudest and most boisterous place in town on any given weeknight, but I think the fact …

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Jul 10 2015


So I had a talk with Liv about Jake.   It started as a tangential conversation after Jake brought home the tree.  We were talking about how he was becoming more “normal” all the time.  A year ago, I couldn’t have imagined that I could send him to the pool without adult supervision beyond that …

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Sep 25 2014

Jake’s Mini-Adventure

We’re all conditioned to react in certain ways in certain situations. Sometimes this is planned, sometimes it’s instinctual. Example: the Mom-Arm when driving. You unexpectedly brake, your right arm goes flying out to protect your child in the passenger seat – sometimes when you’re all alone. Conditioning. The other day, the younger kids were playing …

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Sep 23 2014

A Wicked Case of Urticaria

About 24 hours after the dentist, Jake came down with a wicked case of urticaria. Sounds dreadful, doesn’t it? It’s the medical term for hives. To make a crazy long story short, he and Beth made a visit to the ER, got treated, and were given a prescription. By the late afternoon, he was largely …

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Sep 22 2014

My Son With Autism Gets Gassed In The Name of Quality Dental Care

www.bigcalfguy.com, Jake gets gassed

Jake went to the dentist Saturday. He got his teeth sealed. He got a cavity filled. He got gassed. Seeing how tricky dental care has been with Jake, we decided to use sealants on his teeth to help in the fight against cavities. We missed the scheduled appointment for this because he was sick. Before …

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Sep 19 2014

Front Hugs

Part of the magic in having children and pets is the fact that they love you so much. That unconditional love is truly magical, and in its reciprocation, all things are made well. When I got home from Portland on Sunday night, Jake was the first to meet me at the door. He ran out …

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Sep 02 2014

Day One – A Look Back

Day One Review I love meal times like the one we had tonight! Beth got home earlier than expected, and it was nothing but “Mom!” “Mom!” “Mom!” for our entire meal time. Everybody was fighting to get to be the one who got to tell Mom all about their first day at school. And when …

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Aug 22 2014

Jake and Beth

Jake and Beth  I always tell Beth how unique her relationship is with Jake.  She, of course, asked me to write about it to offer her some insight, and maybe shed a little light on it for the world. I’ve stewed on this for weeks. I’m not sure how to accurately describe the bond between …

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