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Jake played 2 minutes in the 3rd, Wolverines lose anyway.

Wearing Wolverine green and white and in front of a home town crowd, Jake got his first taste of the hardwood tonight. He warmed up with the boys, and got to play with just over 2 minutes left in the 3rd quarter. The crowd cheered when he subbed in, and though he didn’t actually get …

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Says Jake, after his first basketball game: “It was pretty awesome!”

Here are some action shots of Jake during his JV basketball debut against the PCHS Pirates this afternoon. They won by four points! Here he is, getting into the car, on his way up to join the team for the bus ride to Guilford: Here’s Jake finding his place on the bench as Coach picks …

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How Jake’s Basketball Career Is Going So Far

“How’s Jake doing in basketball?” I’ve been getting this question quite often lately, and it’s harder to answer than I thought it would be. I guess it depends on who you ask.  Here’s where we are and how we got there: We began deeply ensconced in the Dunning-Kruger effect, which is the psychological phenomenon of …

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We Got The Basketball Schedule, And Now We’re Freaking Out

Jake continues to work hard towards his goal of being the game-saving, three pointer-shooting, super star of high school basketball. He’s working harder than ever on his game, he’s giving it everything he has nearly ever night in the gym, and he’s keeping his new basketball sneakers in his even newer duffel bag.  He’s ready. …

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Consolation Hibachi

About midway into the soccer season, I made a deal with Olivia.  Her request.  If they won the championship, could I take her to Kobe?  It’s not a super big deal to go to Kobe, but neither Gabe nor Jake can stand the place.  Gabe is Captain Picky, which is obvious if you’ve ever seen …

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Sunday Shorts #2

It’s been a wild week around here, but at the same time not much has happened.  It’s been one soccer game after another, and a typical Maine swing in weather.  Ninety on Wednesday, and I had to scrape my windshield before heading to work this morning.  Which do you prefer in October? #StuffJakeSays Gabe is …

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Sunday Shorts #1

Not everything that’s BigCalfGuy worthy is also of post length.  I figured once per week I’d round up some things that went down and share them on Sundays.  I give you … Sunday Shorts #1.  DFTBA I always leave the kids with a task in the morning.  Make two people smile.  Give a sincere compliment. …

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Smell My Teeth

A brief three weeks into school, and Jake has settled into a rhythm.  His externship at Katahdin Kritters is going very well.  At first, the thought of tending to so many dogs was a real turn off because, spoiler alert – they poop and it smells.  He’s adapted quickly.  Yesterday he told me that taking …

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Jake Has The Final Word

Jacob youtube bigcalfguy basketball

I blog “about” Jake; not necessarily “with” Jake, so naturally I had a lump in my throat when he busted me blogging about him this afternoon.   I was on picmonkey.com adding text to the featured image from my last post, Should Jacob Play Basketball?  Jake came by and saw the image as I was …

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Should Jake Play Basketball?

Jake basketball bigcalfguy

I’m really struggling with this one, and since I have a place to put my thoughts down, let’s go.  The gap is closing between what Jake can do and what his peers can do.  Simultaneously, it’s getting bigger by the minute.   Jake wants to play basketball.  We had started some talk about him joining …

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Jake’s Sophomore Year

Things can and must change.  This is the nature of things.  Also the nature of boys.  Jake is a newly minted Sophomore this year, and he’s already off and running.  The school has a new principal, and Jake has been talking about how much he wants to “respect Mr. Ring” for weeks.  He has promised …

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Everyone Loves A Bad Boy

He’s back!  Jake’s two week ban from posting on YouTube has ended!  His first order of business?  Post the video I made in iMovie of his Special Olympics adventures.  I never did get a response from the “appeal form” I submitted requesting some level of intervention. I wanted to keep the two weeks for lesson-learning purposes, but …

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