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Oops! Open Mouth, Insert Foot.

I wanted to share this tale, but it’s sensitive, so I have to be careful. I don’t want to embarrass or shame anyone. With any and every volatile interaction, there’s a chance to allow emotion to overrun and blur reflection. I like to take time to decompress and see if there’s anything I can learn. …

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The Code

Do you have a code?  One that you live by?  The Boy Scouts do.  The US Military does.  The Vikings did; the Samurai did; even our church does.  It’s what they stand for.  It’s a kind of ancient mission statement with values.  I did quite a bit of reading this summer, and one of the …

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Sunburned, Exhausted, and Elated

We had the best day today! We packed up the family Buick and headed to MDI for the day.  I was wondering aloud last night how it would go.   My demands weren’t too lofty.  I just wanted everything to go right.  The thing is, everything did. We got up early and drove to Bangor for …

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A Walk With Gabe

Gabe and I went for a walk the other night after dinner, and it was dark out. It was just the two of us, and of course the ever-present dogs. We found the Big Dipper, and he was so excited because he said he’d never seen it so clearly before. When I showed him the …

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The Underwear Rule

I’ve been waiting for this: A simple, straightforward way to help kids stay safe from sexual abuse. One of the big fears of any parent is that your child will be sexually abused. It’s one of those things that you can’t get back. It causes irrevocable damage and can seriously impact future, otherwise healthy relationships.  …

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A New Family Hobby: Geocaching

I honestly don’t know what kept us from discovering this a long time ago.  It’s not like plenty of people haven’t said, “You guys would really get a kick out of this!”  What am I talking about? Geocaching. For the uninformed, geocaching is the act of searching out little boxes or packages hidden by others, …

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My Most Viral Videos

Everyone wants a viral video.  OK, maybe not EVERYONE, but I wouldn’t mind one.  How cool would that be?  Anyway, I’ve got 69 videos on Youtube.com, and I’ve had a total of 6,682 views, as of this writing.  Here are my TOP FIVE videos, in order of popularity:

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The First Day Of School Blues

Today was hard.  I didn’t think it would be, but it was. There were too many “firsts.” Beth began the training for her new job today, about 90 miles from home. She needed to be in Ellsworth from 8 am until 5 pm. That meant, for the first time ever, no Mom for the first …

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Whoa, wait … what’s BREASTFEEDING?!?

Where to begin… It started innocently enough around the kitchen table, where I think the best discussions are held.  If we’ve done anything right as parents, it’s that we’ve created the family dinner table as a safe place to ask questions and get them answered.   Tonight we were talking about climbing Mt. Katahdin.  Beth was …

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6 Tips For Taking A Kid With Sensory Needs To The Movies

It’s summer! That means it’s getting hot and humid outside. Some of us love that, and some of us don’t. Even those die-hard sun worshippers need to come in out of the heat once in a while, and when they do, they turn to the movies. Summer blockbusters can be an exciting part of anyone’s …

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Our Family Bingo Road Trip

I don’t do well with down time. Never have. I don’t really do ‘open-ended’ play. I’m not the type of guy who sits around. I need something to accomplish. Sunday, I got home from work earlier than expected, and needed something to do BESIDES laundry and vacuuming, my hobbies. I didn’t want to spend a …

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Odds and Ends; plus … It’s my birthday!

Jake won’t stop talking about the upcoming Autism Society of Maine’s Family Retreat Weekend, scheduled this year at St. Joseph’s University in Standish. We go every year, and we stay in college dorms, attend seminars, and eat in the cafeteria. The kids get to have some fun in the Olympic size pool, and play with …

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