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Should Jake Play Basketball?

Jake basketball bigcalfguy

I’m really struggling with this one, and since I have a place to put my thoughts down, let’s go.  The gap is closing between what Jake can do and what his peers can do.  Simultaneously, it’s getting bigger by the minute.   Jake wants to play basketball.  We had started some talk about him joining …

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Monday, we discussed the starting of Jake’s Sophomore year at school.  His big concern, in fact his only concern, was about Outdoor PE.  He hated the idea of having gym class outside, especially on wet or cold days.  He had asked us if he could change it, and we told him if he wanted to …

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Jake’s Sophomore Year

Things can and must change.  This is the nature of things.  Also the nature of boys.  Jake is a newly minted Sophomore this year, and he’s already off and running.  The school has a new principal, and Jake has been talking about how much he wants to “respect Mr. Ring” for weeks.  He has promised …

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The Blue Squirrel and the Black Zebra

This is Jake’s first year riding a bus.  He gets dropped off at school every day by Beth, but he and Liv ride a bus back towards the elementary school, where they meet Beth (who works there now) and Gabe.  They all go home together.  Because of the number of buses that pick up at …

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The Routine – Adventures in Autism

I had the unenviable, though highly enjoyable, task of getting the kids off to school all by myself this week.  Beth’s starting a new job, and needed to be out of town for training.  She had to leave by 6 every morning, so the house was up and moving a little earlier than usual anyway. …

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Day One – A Look Back

Day One Review I love meal times like the one we had tonight! Beth got home earlier than expected, and it was nothing but “Mom!” “Mom!” “Mom!” for our entire meal time. Everybody was fighting to get to be the one who got to tell Mom all about their first day at school. And when …

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If At First You Don’t Succeed …

This is a tale of humor, scratched heads, plan Bs, and spray paint. My Jake has a long history of struggling with transitions.  Both entering and leaving school are just such examples.  He’d bolt up to the school, or he’d tear off into the parking lot for his mother.  Something had to be done to …

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Have We All Gone Mad?

I’m still processing, so bear with me should my train of thought derail.  I wanted to write while things are still fresh in my head. I spent the day at the Maine School Management Association’s 40th Annual Fall Conference.  I’m a school board member in my hometown, so I got to go. The first “clinic” …

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Success/Failure Balance

jake jacob black white smile

“Success begets success” I had a teacher once (Don Gnecco, pronounced like the wafer) who used to say that all the time.   It was his belief that if someone attempted something and was successful in that attempt, they would store away the feeling of having accomplished something, and would therefore be more willing to …

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Helping Your Child With Autism Succeed In School

At the heart of autism is an expressive/receptive language disorder. Stereotypically, kids with autism have trouble expressing themselves, and trouble receiving the information given to them by others. This leads to kids who often feel anxious in new situations, and have trouble making friends. Here’s how you can help:

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