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Special Olympics: Penobscot Track and Field

Today was, I suspect, the first of many Special Olympic appearances for Jake.  This path started for him back in August of ’16 when he watched with wide eyes the athletes of the world compete in Rio.  He asked his mother if he, too, could do that.  As we looked at each other across the …

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Autism Parents And Schools – On The Same Team

This may well have been titled – “Partnering With Schools.” Now that school’s back in session, many Autism Parents (the term I’ll use) are again turning their thoughts towards those semi-annual nightmares – IEPs. IEP stands for Individualized Education Plan.  This is the special doctrine or mandate that outlines in writing the expectations that parents, …

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Catch of the day

One of the many challenges of having three kids is getting a chance for each to feel special. Liv’s old enough to get invited to sleepovers, and more importantly, old enough to make it through the night at someone else’s house. Jake gets lots of one-on-one time as a simple function of his autism and …

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Breakfast … not in bed?

What a wonderful surprise! I woke Sunday morning to the smell of toast. I rolled over and asked the Mrs. about it, and she told me that Liv and Gabe had planned to make me a special breakfast before I headed off to work. Excellent! I rolled over, draped an arm over Beth, and nodded …

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