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Saturday With My Boys

Our girls had a bridal shower to attend, so after watching Liv participate in her first Color Run, the boys and I packed a cooler, grabbed the dogs, and headed to the woods to find refuge from the blistering heat.   The dogs were practically bouncing in the back of the van, so we stopped …

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It Took A Village For Me To Get Away

I’m often amazed at the sheer amount of planning and preparation that goes into doing anything around our house. The volume of items to be checked off various to-do lists, the angles that need covering, and the back-ups to the back-ups. Beth and I just got back from a mini-vacation; vacation for me, work conference/vacation …

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Florida is weird, but cool. Early observations:

Beth’s in Orlando at a conference, and I’m tagging along.  Not a bad gig for me, huh?   So my role is to hang out while she’s in class, not get arrested, and not spend ALL of our money.  Not wanting to rely on shuttles and taxis, I rented a car.  I’ve done some exploring, …

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Wow, Did That Suck!?!

I have a lot of problems.  One of my favorites is that I’m a closet “Type-A”  I don’t have to be in charge, and I don’t have to plan everything down to the smallest detail (like my wife), but I do create a largely unattainable ideal of how things “should” go in my head.  Inevitably, …

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Went Fishing; Caught More Great Images Than Fish

Gabriel and I went fishing tonight.  We went way too early, in weather that had too recently been bright and sunshiny.  Not that fishing with your son has to have anything to do with fishing.  We bought some worms and a couple of sodas, and set out after dinner.  He had more luck than I …

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Why Summer Sucks {Guest Post from Beth}

In a perfect world, summer is about ice cream, warm weather, and bare feet. In the real world, it is sometimes about those things, but also about mosquitoes, sunscreen, and loss of routine.  To take it one step further, in our world, it means an easily upset pre-teen with ASD. Despite all of the wonderfulness …

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