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Is It Always Going To Be This Hard?

As I lay there in Jake’s bed, stroking his hair as he sobbed into my chest, I asked him, “It’s hard, huh?”  Stupid question, I realize, but I was trying to reach out.  The way he inhaled and let out a “yeah” with his exhalation broke my heart.  Jake’s going through a couple of transitions …

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Autism as a Super Power?

Recently, Beth and I were giving a presentation of what sensory integration is, how to recognize dysfunction, and some strategies that may help a kid feel more comfortable and successful in school and at home.  It was an honor, and a lot of fun, too.  I always get so nervous before speaking with a group, …

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Killing Me Softly {Guest Post By Beth}

Ever hear the song ‘Killing Me Softly’?  I used to listen to the Fugees sing it over and over.  This is kind of how I feel when I read some of my husband’s blog posts.  I’m not sure if I can put into words how it feels to have your life put into words for …

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The times are changing

Way back when Jake was first diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, my biggest fear was that he’d be ostracized by his peers and feel alone. We worked very hard to make sure that didn’t happen.  Beth, in particular as stay at home Mom, worked diligently to make sure the kids in Jake’s class knew what …

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I don’t know if it’s the 12 weeks of hormone-fueled growth, the change in weather, the fact that he’s now officially THIRTEEN, or the cute blonde painter that made the difference, but check this out: Approximately 12 weeks ago, Jake came with us to an autism resource fair.  He allowed someone to paint his face …

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A look back at an interview with Liv about Jake that I filmed two years ago, and one that I filmed Sunday night.

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On The Road To Normalcy


Normal.  I hate the word, really.  I never gave it much thought until I had a son who was decidedly “abnormal.”  What is normal, anyway? Isn’t it our differences that make the world so much fun?  Who wants to be “normal?”  I don’t know what else to call it.  Invisible, maybe.  Most people want to …

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Jake, Budding Landscaper.

Every once in a while, Jake truly surprises me. He shows signs of growth and maturity all the time. He makes little incremental steps towards “normality” every week or so. But sometimes, I’m just taken aback. About two weeks ago, I was mowing the lawn. Our mower was being repaired, so I was using a …

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We Want Our Son With Autism Back

We want our son with autism back! This is what Beth would have you believe. Jake isn’t the boy he once was. He’s becoming a teenager. OK, OK, he’s only 11 and a half, but it’s beginning. When Beth taught 6th grade, she would tell me that for the first half of the school year, …

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