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Jake Has The Final Word

Jacob youtube bigcalfguy basketball

I blog “about” Jake; not necessarily “with” Jake, so naturally I had a lump in my throat when he busted me blogging about him this afternoon.   I was on picmonkey.com adding text to the featured image from my last post, Should Jacob Play Basketball?  Jake came by and saw the image as I was …

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Mary’s Birthday Logo Bloopers

Jake is a fan of slapstick.  He loves the unexpected.  If you ask him which direction is up, he’ll point down.  He finds that kind of thing to be the pinnacle of comedy. He also fancies himself to be quite the videographer.  He loves to film himself playing video games in the basement and post …

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Jake’s Approval

It’s not always easy to please Jacob. Sometimes it takes a few tries. Which version of this video do you like best?

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A look back at an interview with Liv about Jake that I filmed two years ago, and one that I filmed Sunday night.

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Wanna Feel Elitist and Small? Watch This

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Conversations with Jake (7/4/14)

You’ve got to love this kid.  The words and phrases he comes up with to communicate with his world truly amaze me.  It goes back to why I call him “verbalish.”  Sometimes he’s spot on, sometimes it’s like his offerings from the foreign land of “Autism” seem lost in translation.  His combination echolalia and original …

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Another Reason We Do What We Do As Autism Parents

You know what really bothers me?  When people prey on others. Especially when those others are weaker than they are, and are less equipped to defend themselves.  Such is the case in Maryland, where two teen girls, ages 15 and 17, repeatedly bullied a 16 year old classmate with autism. Reports, which are sketchy enough …

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BigCalfGuy Week In Review 12/01/13

What a week!  It’s been good. I had a few days off in a row, and actually used them to chill out.  I had a half day at work on Wednesday, so we spent the rest of the day prepping the house for Thanksgiving visitors.  We put up the Christmas tree, decorated the house, and …

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BigCalfGuy Week In Review for 11/10/13

Wow, is it Sunday already? It’s amazing how quickly time flies when you’ve got three kids. Also, sorry for the lateness of the post.  I got home and challenged Gabe to a best of three face-off of Wii Sports resort games.  The results: Frisbee: Tie at 660 points each. Table Tennis: Gabe with 104, Dad …

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Making Our Way: Autism – 2 Year Anniversary

On November 6, 2011, Maine Public Broadcasting Network premiered an hour long documentary called Making Our Way: Autism.  It was directed by Dan Lambert, and starred Dr. Temple Grandin, along with our family.  It was produced in part by the Autism Society of Maine.  We consider ourselves very lucky and blessed to have been part …

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BigCalfGuy Week In Review 11/03

Phew!  What a busy week!  Beth was sick for the first couple of days this week, and I got a taste of being a single dad – it’s bitter. Liv was so excited after last week’s video, she started making notes for this week’s on Monday morning.  Those notes are long gone, sadly. We got …

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BigCalfGuy Week In Review 10/27

And now for something completely different! You ever want to just try something different?  Me too. I give you … BigCalfGuy Week in Review 10/27 Edition The original premise was for Liv and Gabe to do a Kathy Lee and Hoda Kotb segment.  Non-alcoholic, of course.  Gabe didn’t want to play.  I’m still not sure …

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