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How Many Ks are Too Many? I Think 2 are Plenty

You know what’s fun and civic-minded?  Coming out to an event that raises money for a local cause.  You know what’s sweaty and hard and makes me tired?  Running five whole kilometers.  You know how long a marathon is?  Like 42 kilometers!  That’s a lot of Ks.  These things can get out of hand if you’re not …

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15th Annual ASM Walk for Autism

I realize that most of my readers are also friends from Facebook where I’ve shared some photos, but I want to do so here as well.  The Walk was a big success!  The weather was bright and cool, the crowd was big, and the money raised was $58,000+.  An excellent day.  Jake got his irises …

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2017 ASM Walk for Autism: Jake’s Team

I remember the first time I became aware of the Autism Society of Maine.  Jake was 2, and had just been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  I, being shy, had talked about it with anyone who would listen, so naturally the whole hospital knew.  This was probably mid-March.  I got a call one day …

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A Walk With Gabe

Gabe and I went for a walk the other night after dinner, and it was dark out. It was just the two of us, and of course the ever-present dogs. We found the Big Dipper, and he was so excited because he said he’d never seen it so clearly before. When I showed him the …

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Jake’s Mini-Adventure

We’re all conditioned to react in certain ways in certain situations. Sometimes this is planned, sometimes it’s instinctual. Example: the Mom-Arm when driving. You unexpectedly brake, your right arm goes flying out to protect your child in the passenger seat – sometimes when you’re all alone. Conditioning. The other day, the younger kids were playing …

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The Fourth Hole

I graduated high school weighing in at 190 pounds. I was pretty lean. I’ve always been quite strong (muscular), and as a result have always been heavier than I appear. I gained the Freshman 15. And the Sophomore 10, and the Third Year 10, etc., etc., until I graduated college in 2001 at 245 pounds. …

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Walk For Autism – A Worthy Cause

Our involvement with the Autism Society of Maine (ASM) happened by chance, but I’m so glad it did. Jake was almost three years old, and it was early April.  We had just gotten our diagnosis.  I remember I was at work at Millinocket Regional Hospital, in the PT department, when I got the phone call.  …

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Evening stroll

The plan was for a quiet, four mile walk where Beth and I got to hold hands, let the dogs get some exercises at the ends of their leashes, and the kids would follow along on their bicycles.  We’d catch up on the events of the day, decide on what to get for dinner, and …

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