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Liv & Cilla

Two young girls PLUS Two pesky brothers PLUS A bunch of free time and a sprinkling of creativity EQUALS: The Liv & Cilla Web Show!

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Where Are My Musical #AutismParents At?

jake boy autism medway middle school awareness headphones goofy smile

And yes, before you jump all over me, I recognize the grammatical heresy in the title.  I just think, “Where you at?” is funny.  Sue me. Jake is musical.  We’ve discussed this before in past posts: Jake Rocks Metallica! My ever evolving son, who just happens to have ASD. But here’s the thing I need …

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I’d Love Your Opinion

I love trolling the internet looking for new and thought-provoking things.  Usually, I just need a temporary distraction from the real world, and a stupid meme or cool picture is enough to give me my cyber-fix. Two videos have made themselves known to me recently, and I’d love your opinion on each of them. Video …

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Friday Dopamine Dump

Yes, I’ve blatantly stolen the title from www.thechive.com, probably my favorite website, but I think they’ll forgive me just this one time. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that plays an integral part in the brain’s system of reward and pleasure. It’s been the week from hell.  I wanted to end it with a reward, and maybe …

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BigCalfGuy Week In Review for 11/10/13

Wow, is it Sunday already? It’s amazing how quickly time flies when you’ve got three kids. Also, sorry for the lateness of the post.  I got home and challenged Gabe to a best of three face-off of Wii Sports resort games.  The results: Frisbee: Tie at 660 points each. Table Tennis: Gabe with 104, Dad …

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