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We watch a lot of television. And by watch, I mean pay some attention to while fiddling with our iPads and folding laundry in the evenings. There are shows that everyone likes (Good luck, Charlie) and shows that are more selective in their audiences, like Pawn Stars (Liv calls it “that show where people by rusty junk for thousands of dollars”). Currently, there are two shows I can’t seem to get enough of:

1. Scandal

Who knew? The show is exciting, tightly written, and very intelligent. I love a show where everybody isn’t sleeping with everyone else. Of course, we’ve just discovered Scandal on Netflix, so who knows what will happen in the future. ER was great until Noah Wyle’s character started crying and kept crying for 6 seasons. Grey’s jumped the shark for me 3 seasons ago. I haven’t seen a pilot like the Scandal pilot since the pilot to Grey’s Anatomy. I’ve been hooked since 5 minutes in. And apparently I have a thing for powerful black women – either that or Kerry Washington is just hot. One or the other.

2. Naked and Afraid

A Discovery channel offering which has just started its second season, Naked and Afraid brings two survivalists (one from each sex) together in some inhospitable place, and forces them to survive for three weeks using the one tool they’ve brought with them. Oh, and they’re strangers, AND completely nude! Can you imagine?!? Boys usually bring a knife, girls usually bring a pot or fire starter. They get a crude map, a pat on the back, and a promise that they’ll be picked up at the extraction point (usually 5-10 miles away) in 21 days! The girls lose anywhere from 12-20 pounds, and the guys always seems to lose 35-45 pounds! The best part? No host, no crowd, NO PRIZE MONEY OR REWARD! Bragging rights only. Sundays at 9:00 pm. Awesome

So that’s me. What are you watching? Do you watch my shows? Is Scandal going to disappoint me (it is a Shonda Rhimes show, after all). Do you love Naked and Afraid? Hate it?

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    • Dawn Pray on March 26, 2014 at 8:50 pm
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    I’m a TV junkie…George and I love to relax at night and watch tv, usually he is on his laptop reading his forums, but overall without DVR I wouldn’t know what to do. I hate commercials now and can barely function when I have to fast forward myself…the hopper spoils me.

    I’m a fan of the new shows Believe and Resurrection, not knowing where the second one will take us.

    Of course, Modern Family is a classic and I will always love law and order SVU. Criminal Minds is a show I must watch during the daylight, but sadly, my fav, one I hate to admit out loud, is Teen Wolf on MTV. Still can’t move away from my old MTV :).

    My newest fav is The Blacklist. Def worth checking out from episode 1

    1. Great tips! Thanks. My mother was really excited to check out Resurrection. I think it may be based from a book she’s read?

    • Janice cooper on March 23, 2014 at 6:47 pm
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    Sunday is my night. The walking dead,and Shameless. The first zombies and a gripping story. The characters are so well written my daughter and I talk about them like we know them. shameless is a guilty pleasure. It glorifies petty crimes,bucking the system the characters are such underdogs just trying to get by and love each other. Just for laughs Big Bang,or modern family.

    1. I would love to try Walking Dead, but the whole zombie thing throws Beth. Shameless sounds fun. Our guilty pleasure used to be Nip/Tuck. You root for these guys, but they do such HORRIBLE and unspeakable things! Good TV.

    • Jan on March 23, 2014 at 3:44 pm
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    PS: We love Scandal too! Will NOT disappoint at all!
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    • Jan on March 23, 2014 at 3:41 pm
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    TV Shows I set my laptop/kindle/phone aside for are the following. (this is a blog post on its own!)
    Castle! It has the humor element, decent acting, some of the plots are out there, but worth the watch. The characters are great, it has Easter eggs here and there, a pretty decent mystery piece and, it has Stana Katic. If you don’t know who she is, google. And she can act.

    Arrow – Now I am usually a Marvel girl. Comic wise. I decided to watch the premiere of Arrow on the CW. I remember the lead actor from years before as a spin instructor on Queer as Folk (I liked his voice). Then the Salmon Ladder (You tube Arrow Salmon Ladder, holy someone is in shape!). Once I got past the drool factor (Stephen Amell is eyecandy!) and got into the story it had it all. Mystery, redemption, action (oh the action) gadgets, a few pretty girls (Felicity!) romance, sex. Oliver was presumed dead when the Queens Gambit sank. I give props to Amell, he plays 4 different Oliver’s. Pre-Island Oliver the playboy silly guy. Island Oliver who is wimpy and beat and then Oliver Queen the son who has come back after 5 years of being away on an Island (alone) and he plays the Vigilant/Arrow. Their secondary cast of Diggle (his black driver, its a joke in the show), Felicity (his girl Friday), Thea (the rebellious sister) Roy (The wrong side of the tracks bf of Thea), Maura Queen (Oliver’s Mom), Laural (Ollie’s ex gf, whose sister died on the Queens Gambit)…. they’ve wicked guest stars, wonderful “Easter Eggs” for fans of DC comics. Tightly written, I’ve not yet found a “plot hole” as a writer I’m always looking for those. (Season 1 on Netflix and Amell runs his own Facebook page)

    Continuum: Starring Maine’s Own Rachel Nichols (follow her on twitter and instagram, funny girl). Its about Cameron (Nichols) who is from the future and is thrust into the past along with several criminal elements who want to take down the world. There is a huge emotional element I wasn’t expecting and its all due to Nichols wicked acting. After a lot of missteps (Alias, Criminal Minds), she finally found a vehicle for her acting. Many of the cast are Canadian and that brings one thing doesn’t matter how good they look, if they can act, they are hired. The story lines are all how can I change this to not change the future, but several twists keep things interesting. The tech is fun, but for me that emotional piece and struggle for Cameron is what really keeps me hook to the show. (S1 and S2 on Netflix)

    Finally, Lost Girl. What is Lost Girl? Do you like well written, tightly woven, and intricately told TV shows? Then tune into Lost Girl, a Canadian produced sci-fi fantasy show starring Anna Silk (from Fredricton Canada, btw) as Bo. A succubus. The fae (werewolves, sirens, shape shifters and all other sorts of fantasy creatures) are the main focus here. BE WARNED! There is sex. Boy on girl, girl on girl, boy and two girls, name the combo, you’ve got it! There be a whole lotta kissing going on as Bo loves everyone. Aside from the chemistry that Silk has with, well, everyone (no not kidding, let her sweet talk a telephone pole and ppl would watch). Well acted. Well written (and I have sat and watched this series TWICE and no holes, none! I love me a good script writer). Well acted. Well shot. It does not hide that it is in Canada, btw. I just all around love this show it is my guilty pleasure and I tell everyone about it. I am guilty of loving Lost Girl. (S1, S2 and S3 on Netflix)

    1. Wow! That is a post all its own. Great tips, though. Thanks! We sometimes feel like we’ve seen everything there is to see, and then WHAMMO! we trip over something new. We LOVE Netflix for TV, because we hate waiting a week or so to get the next installment of our fix. Nothing better than that debate with yourself when it’s 10:30 and you’re trying to talk yourself into just one. more. episode.

    • Christie on March 23, 2014 at 3:03 pm
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    As always honey, one step behind your mother, Scandal is excellent and have been DVR’ing for 2seasons…love you darlin!

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