The Apple Password

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“Mom, what’s your Apple password?”

A simple enough question; and one that wouldn’t have given us any pause had it not come from Jacob.

Beth told him that it was a secret, and he went about his merry way. After just a few minutes, though, she realized the possible significance of that question. How did Jacob even know what an Apple password was, anyway?

“Why do you want to know?”

“Just tell me. (pause) What’s Dad’s Apple password?”

“That’s a secret, too.”

Jacob has a school-issued iPad that has a few games loaded onto it for use as rewards at school, either for downtime or as a prize for doing well or attending to a task, etc.

He is allowed to bring it home, as long as it’s fully charged the next morning for school. No problem.

I’m not sure if it wasn’t protected, or simply wasn’t protected enough, but Jacob has discovered how to search for and download apps on his iPad. In fact, he got busted the other day at school when it was discovered that he had downloaded nearly 100 apps!

Now, he’s on the hunt at home.

“What’s your Apple password?”

“I told you it’s a secret”

“Just tell me. I won’t load it. Just tell me”


“C’mon, I’m talking to you”

“No, you can’t load games without permission”

“Don’t tell Dad” (this one makes me laugh)

In fact, the other day, when I went to the Apple Store to download something myself, I found “train games” entered into the search bar.

This reminds me of the time I was at an ASD family weekend, and one of the moms there said that she was convinced her son (with ASD) had within him the ability to find the cure for cancer, but that someone would have to be there to help him tie his shoes and cross the street to the lab.

Jake couldn’t boil an egg. He panics when most things aren’t set out just the way he expects them. However, if properly motivated, it’s amazing the things he’s capable of accomplishing.


Since I wrote this this afternoon, Beth tells me Jake came home from school today and asked if her Apple password was “Capital J, a-c-o-b-2002?”  Turns out that’s his school password.  He’s relentless!


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