The Blue Squirrel and the Black Zebra

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This is Jake’s first year riding a bus.  He gets dropped off at school every day by Beth, but he and Liv ride a bus back towards the elementary school, where they meet Beth (who works there now) and Gabe.  They all go home together. 

Because of the number of buses that pick up at the middle school, and the fact that buses all look pretty much the same, there are colored animal outlines in the front window of each bus: red squirrel, blue fish, pink bird, etc.  And for all I know, these names are all wrong. 

Jake, in an attempt to generalize his new-found experiences, has named Beth’s van the Blue Squirrel and my car the Black Zebra.  He’s requested that we tape up corresponding animal outlines in our windows.  We’re considering it. 

He insists on sitting in the front seat whenever possible, and holds his door open until the vehicle starts rolling.  Only then will he make a psshhh noise and slowly close the door, just like they do on a real bus. 

Only now that I’m sitting down and thinking about it do I remember that the psshhh sound is the brakes being released, and has nothing to do with the door closing except that the two things usually happen simultaneously. 


He’s taken to calling Beth and I bus drivers, and if we’re making a quick stop somewhere, he leaves the passenger side front door open.  Again, just like on a real bus. 

Has anybody else had this experience? 

Probably not THIS experience, per se, but where the new thing takes over for a while? I’ve recognized them as phases now (after years of unsuccessfully fighting against them and towards “normalcy”), and just do my part to help him figure it out before we get to move on to the next thing. 

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  1. It’s fascinating how minds work sometimes….. It simply seems as if Jake is accepting the fact that he rides the bus and is doing well with it. Also, we’ve all though of our parents as our “drivers” at one time or another 🙂
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