The D Word

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Jake loves filming himself playing video games so that he can upload them to his YouTube channel. BTW – his personal mission is to have 100 subscribers, so if you haven’t done so, he’d appreciate it. (Search Jacob Whitehouse in channels).

Anyway, dinner was ready and Beth called down to Jake DURING one of his filming sessions. He came upstairs as requested, but was angry.

“You ruined my filming!” he roared. “I almost have to call you the D word!” He then stormed off down the hall.

I yelled to him and tried to have him tell me exactly “what” the D word was.

“Nothing. I’m sorry, never mind.” was my only reply.

Best guess? The D word is really the B word, and he’s just a terrible speller. The threat was nicer to deal with than the actual cuss, I suppose.

The world may never know the truth.

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