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In our relationship, Beth is the Type A.  She plans everything to the letter.  Each minute, event, and experience is carefully thought out.  She even plans our spontaneity!   Flying by the seat of her pants scares … the pants off of her.  Sorry, writer’s block there on a great analogy.

I’m more Type B- (on the outside).  I like to plan everything, but I prefer to keep it to myself and then judge what actually happened against what I had in my head … harshly.  If I’m grumpy, it’s because things didn’t go the way I secretly hoped they would.  Neurotic, right?  It’s no wonder Jake gets anxious regarding new things, places, and experiences.  He comes by it naturally.

Tomorrow is a rare day off for us.  I have to work on Sunday, and Monday is booked solid with dance recital practice, so we’re taking a day trip to the coast.  One weather app shows 60 degrees and a 40% chance of rain, and another is showing 80 degrees and a 20% chance of passing rain.  Who knows?

My plan is: 

  1. get up so early that we’re in Bangor before anyone whines about having breakfast.
  2. arrive in Bar Harbor an hour or so before low tide, so we can walk to Bar Island.
  3. find a trail off the Loop Road to hike – something relatively easy so Jake won’t get frustrated, and with a big scenery payoff at the top!
  4. take photos of the kids on the coast, maybe doing some flips or posing with found shells.
  5. invade Ben and Bills for some most excellent ice cream.
  6. find a quaint shack somewhere to grab some dinner.
  7. enjoy a round of mini golf at Pirates Cove.

Everyone has a great time, the bugs are manageable, there are no fights.  Liv’s pre-teen angst is held in check all day, Gabe doesn’t get wounded, and Jake stays positive.

That’s not too much to ask, is it?  Hahahahahaha!  We’ll review the score card tomorrow night.  See you then.


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