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Sunday afternoon, I was in the kitchen cutting up vegetables for dinner, while Beth was folding laundry in the living room. Jake was in the basement playing video games.

Suddenly he burst out of the basement and made a bee line for the front yard. After a second, Beth asked me to go check on Jake because she had a bad feeling.

Sure enough, he was facing the street, proudly emptying his bladder onto the front lawn!

See, we have a single bathroom to share between the five of us. Occasionally, under cover of darkness, one of us guys will take a covert leak in the back yard behind the fence. Jake seems to have missed the “covert” and “darkness” part.

When I shouted at him to stop, I startled him into pulling his tshirt down over “himself.” A small wet spot appeared. He was clearly NOT yet finished. He shamefully came into the house, but instead of going upstairs. He walked past the two of us and into the backyard to finish up.

There wasn’t even anyone in the bathroom at the time!

Worse still, we live a block from a school! The kid’s going to end up on the sex offender registry with our luck!

Just another reminder of how kids with ASD struggle with generalizing rules.

God help us.

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