The time Beth almost killed Jake

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It was a 30 second exchange, but it made me smile when I heard about it, and I wanted to share.

Beth said to Jake, “pick your coat up off the floor.”

Jake replies, exasperated, “Oh, for Christ’s sake!”

Beth looks at him in complete astonishment and remembers the middle part of Bare Naked Ladies’ hit If I Had A Million Dollars, from which this little gem has arisen.  Isn’t echolalia great?

I can only imagine what she must have looked like in that moment, because Jake came back with a super-quick, “I love you Mom. I meant ‘I love you’.”  He also picked up his coat faster than he ever had in the past. 

She shut that down right away, congratulating him on trying that one on for size, and explaining in no uncertain terms that it was NEVER to be used again.

I’m sorry, but I’m giggling just writing this.  He never tries this stuff with me.  I’m too much of a hard ass.  His mother is gentler and quicker to forgive.  But, as adolescence approaches and takes over our lives, this thing is going to happen more and more. 

It was just the other day that he pulled something similar.

Puberty, here we come!!



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