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Tonight, Olivia asked Beth to come down to the water’s edge so I could take some pics of them. Beth initially balked, saying she wasn’t “picture ready.”

She’d napped for a few hours this afternoon, and hasn’t worn make up or straightened her hair in days. She was not feeling her prettiest.

We eventually talked her into going, and I think the pictures turned out lovely.

It makes me ask the question, “when do we stop seeing ourselves the way our children see us?” Liv sees her mother as a beautiful woman, and wanted some pictures to commemorate their love and this vacation.

Beth sees unruly hair and flawed skin. Why do we do this to ourselves? Thoughts?

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    • Jan on August 25, 2015 at 6:50 pm
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    I don’t think we ever see ourselves in a “flattering” light. Especially women, who are geared into being told “You need to wear this, look like that, go to these places marry this sort of person.” Men age and become ruggedly handsome, women age and become “wrinkly” and have “crows feet.” Children see the world with out that filter of “stereotypes” much of the time, they are taught that filter – so to them the world is through rose coloured glass. I am always in awe at my nephew Rhys, who sees the world with this grain of humor, and base line clarity that my brother had, but is far more articulate then my brother ever was. I wish we could capture their way of thinking and seeing and get to the basics of life again. Love the post, Ryan!

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