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I had the best day today.

It was one of those days where a marriage is a partnership in a bigger corporation – a divide and conquer sort of thing.  We met at the Scootic In for a birthday lunch.  It’s Jan’s (my PTA student) 40th birthday, and I got to treat her out.

After work, we met up at Hannaford to get the weekly shopping done.  This is rare, because we usually shop day-to-day.  Beth had to drop the kids off at dance at 3:00, and I get out at 3:00, so I got to the store just ahead of her.  I met a friend in the produce section, Norma, who agreed that my “winging it” style definitely cost more than her “stick to the list” approach.  I assured her that when Beth arrived, I’d be duly chastised and the balance would again be restored.  Unbeknownst to me, she would come with Jake and his Behavioral Specialist, Kelly.  The thing with Jake is, when he wants something at the store, he usually gets it.  His approach costs way more money than mine.

The funniest part is the way he goes about making his “suggestions.”  He announced in each and every aisle that we were definitely OUT OF ICE CREAM at home.  He snuck up on the Mac & Cheese, saying, “do you see that?” before grabbing 4 boxes.  He has to have pepperoni, and he won’t go without Hamburger Helper.

bill 2

All in all, not too bad for a cart full of Jake-groceries.

Anyway, we had a fantastic time at the store.  This is where Beth and I split up.  She went home to start working on supper and help Jake with his homework, and I got to stay behind and wait for the kids to finish dance.  This gave me a chance to read most of the book for BigCalfGuy’s Book Club.  I’m at 75% finished, at least that’s what my kindle tells me.  We’ll discuss on the 30th.

After supper, Beth took off to the church, where she’s directing a Christmas play.  This left me alone with three hoodlums.

I helped Gabe finish his required 20 minutes of reading for school while Liv took a bath.  Jake disappeared to his room to listen to Metallica.  They grow up so fast.  After homework and tub time, we settled in to play Nintendo Wii Mini-games, or some such nonsense.  I’m telling you, we laughed our butts off!  I stink!  I remember when I was the best video gamer in the house.  I remember the time when I’d have to “let them win a few” to keep the peace.  Now, I struggle to hold my own. Again I say, they grow up so fast.

Moving on, I grabbed a new app today called Zombify Me.  Hilarious!  Here are the results:

zombie 4

Gabriel Joseph, undead child.

zombie 2

Olivia Ann, undead child

zombie 3

Jacob Ryan, undead child.

zombie 1

BigCalfGuy, undead blogger

After I tried to send Gabe and Liv to bed, I wanted to film a little video demonstrating the difficulty in getting a proper kiss from Jake.  He’ll usually offer the back of his head, or maybe a cheek.  If you can get him to give you lips, they’re never pursed, and he doesn’t do the “smack” noise/thing.  Of course, Gabe had to tell me one more thing, then he decided to join in.  Furthermore, Jake gave me a perfect kiss on only the 3rd or 4th try.  You’ll hear me say “first try” on the video, because my original intent was to edit Gabriel’s interruption out of it, but on second thought, hey – real life doesn’t get the luxury of editing.

Here’s a video run-down of Jake’s kissing talent, our shopping trip, and his newly arrived Halloween costume:

It’s worth mentioning that he didn’t go to Walmart today, but he must have seen Mrs. Pasanen on his last trip there.

That’s just about the whole of my day.  Beth just got home from practice, and it’s Grey’s Anatomy night, so I’ve got to go.  Talk to you soon.


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