Tomorrow We Climb

Tell Your Friends

The bags are packed, the kid is as prepared (brainwashed) as I can think to make him, and we’re on the eve of adventure!

Jake has even been rehearsing his lines, and giving me mine, for when we wake up tomorrow.  I’m going to go get him, and he’s going to say, “What’s the meaning of this?  I’m still trying to get some sleep!” And I’m to say, “I don’t care, it’s mountain climbing time!  Get your butt out of bed!” And then we laugh and laugh.

Beth and I are sitting (as I type) at the Senator Inn in Augusta, attending an Autism Society of Maine hosted conference on IEPs and Transition planning.  It’s something we need to really get good at, because good high school to real world transition planning really begins in earnest Freshman year – which is next year.

If only it didn’t END at 8 pm in Augusta!

We’ve pre-planned our meals, snacks, bags, survival gear, etc.  I just hate that we won’t be home until after 10 pm.  The 4:30 alarm is going to sting.

Jake’s been knuckle-touching and high-giving all week as we’ve psyched him up for the long hike ahead.  I think if we can give some rough timelines for when each smallish “bite” of the hike will end, we may be able to keep Jake focused and motivated.  If we let him dwell on the gigantic nature of the task at hand as a whole, we may lose him early.

I gave him his choice of hiking packs, and he’s filled it full of things he likes (peanut butter and crackers, pepperoni, etc.).  He’s chosen his Fat Lady; the ice cold drink waiting for us in the cooler back at the car – as in, “it’s not over until…”

The kids, against my better judgment, are spending the night at some friends’ camp, so what shape we’ll find them in when we rendezvous at the mouth of the camp road at 5:30 am is up in the air.

The weather should be awesome, but we’ve packed lots of contingency clothing.  There’s nothing left to do but to do it.

Stay tuned for tomorrow night, if I’m still awake enough to type, or worst case – Sunday, for the blow by blow; I mean play by play!

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