Wanted: Mo Bros and Mo Sistas for Movember!

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Wanted:  Mo Bros and Mo Sistas for Movember!

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My home grown Mo Bros and Mo Sistas!

If any of you have been following my blog, you know how passionate I am for autism awareness and understanding.  You may also have noticed that I have an unusual body type.  A brief history on both:

My son Jake has autism, and was diagnosed at 2 years old, the April before his 3rd birthday in June.  Since then, we have done all we can in the Whitehouse residence to spread the word on autism and to demystify it to the general public.  Knowledge is power, and we fear that which we do not understand.

I have monster calves.  I have a big nose.  I have really wide feet.    By the time I find a dress shirt that will button around my neck, I look like I’m wearing a tent.  I didn’t need to shave daily until half-way through college.  To date (and I’m 35 yrs old), I have nearly three dozen chest hairs.

My love of activism, coupled with my jealously to anyone with real facial hair, prompted me to get involved with Movember.  Movember encourages Mo Bros (mo is short for moustache) to begin November clean shaven, but grow a moustache for the entire month of November, using these dirty lips to spark conversations related to men’s health issues.

It’s a fundraising effort, meant to raise funds related to prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health issues – things that are especially important to men.

I imagine it goes a little something like this, “What is that on your face?”  “It’s a moustache, which reminds me – would you like to bop on over to us.movember.com and sponsor the BigCalfGuy MoTeam?  We’re raising money for men’s health awareness and research.”

The website for the Movember movement is:  http://www.us.movember.com

The website for the BigCalfGuy team is:  http://us.movember.com/mospace/6934533

Mo Sistas are an important part of this process, supporting their Mo Bros, and helping to raise money.  Just because you can’t grow a moustache, doesn’t mean you can’t help out.  Even I’m going to try.

I’d be honored, and indebted to anyone who wants to join me on my journey.  If you don’t want to grow a moustache, that’s OK.  I’d still appreciate your support.

I’ll post a picture of myself with a fresh shave on November 1, then post progress pictures every so often though the month, with updates to the total amount of money earned.  I’m not even sure what to try for – maybe $500!  Wouldn’t that be great?  If anyone joins my Mo Team, I’ll show off your Tom Selleck, Hitler, or Yosemite Sam right along next to mine if you e-mail me the pics.  Men, it’s time we stuck together.

Above is a sneak peak of my own support staff:  Keep in mind I’d have been in the photo too, but I couldn’t hook the stems of the glasses behind my ears – my big nose wouldn’t fit!

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