We Want Our Son With Autism Back

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We want our son with autism back!

This is what Beth would have you believe.

Jake isn’t the boy he once was.

He’s becoming a teenager.

OK, OK, he’s only 11 and a half, but it’s beginning.

When Beth taught 6th grade, she would tell me that for the first half of the school year, the kids were still essentially 5th graders – polite, respectful, nice to each other, etc.  Once they came home from Christmas break, however, they changed.  They started coming back from gym class sweaty and smelly.  They developed attitudes.  They formed cliques and got petty.  In short, they were growing up.

That’s happening at my place.  Of course, our experience isn’t entirely “normal,” but that’s to be expected.

Jake’s starting to be a real snot:

He talks back.

He flatly declares “no.”

He is spending more time alone in his room, and he’s getting embarrassed when people kiss on TV.

He lies now.  Not well, but he lies nonetheless.

He’ll instinctively cover up his screen on the Kindle Fire if you catch him by surprise.  Don’t worry, I checked. He’s watching America’s Funniest Videos.

The point is, he no longer wants to share everything with us.

I, for one, am thrilled!  He’s half-way through 6th grade.  This is NORMAL DEVELOPMENT.  I think it’s awesome.

Beth wants her sweet little boy back.

The unique part for us is that Jake shares a room with his brother.  He doesn’t truly have anywhere that he can call his own.  Or so we thought.

There’s a clothes wardrobe in the upstairs hallway in our house.  Olivia’s room doesn’t have a built-in closet, so this serves that purpose for her.

closet 01

Hallway wardrobe outside of Olivia’s room.

Jake’s been using this as his own personal clubhouse.  I’m not sure how comfortable it is – the bottom is littered with hangers and the things that fall off hangers in a little girl’s closet, but that’s where we find him when he’s nowhere else.

closet 1

Poor man’s tree house.

So, quirks and all, that’s our boy.

The question is –

Would you rather have a typically-developing pre-teen/teenage boy, or a kid with autism?

Trick question for me; I’ve got both!

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    • Wanda Bourgeois on December 2, 2013 at 8:13 pm
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    Just a thought from a mother who lived in small space. Loft the bed and use a long bed skirt makes a clubhouse under the bed.

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