Went Fishing; Caught More Great Images Than Fish

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Gabriel and I went fishing tonight.  We went way too early, in weather that had too recently been bright and sunshiny.  Not that fishing with your son has to have anything to do with fishing.  We bought some worms and a couple of sodas, and set out after dinner.  He had more luck than I did, but we had a great time and I got some great pics – all with my iPhone. 

I hope you enjoy them.

fishing maine lake summer boy camp sunshine brook water fun

Gabe kicking back, keeping a close eye on his bobber.

black white railroad track tracks distance bigcalfguy rail

A nice “journey” shot. The bright sky and the dark shadows really helps this one.

rust iron trespassing no flaking rusty black white

A nice texture shot of the train bridge we were fishing near.

rust train sunshine ray contrast flaky iron bridge rail

I love the way the light in this one really brings out the texture of the rusty bridge.

boy fishing catch sunfish line discovery summer maine

Gabe caught the first fish. How it got it’s mouth around that hook, I’ll never know!

fish mouth tongue worm bait catch caught lake summer maine

The horn pout tried to swallow hook, line, and sinker. It was nasty getting my hook back.

fishing boy catch caught summer maine horn pout catfish

Gabe technically caught this one, too. I had set my pole down to take some pictures, and when he picked it up, we had this guy on the line.

web spider spiderweb rust steel iron cross

I loved the spiderwebs everywhere, but I’m also glad Beth wasn’t with us.

father son dad kid smiles selfie selfieoftheday fishing

We dubbed ourselves, “Bobber Buddies!”

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  1. Gabe looks so happy. My son also likes fishing and i always take him with me!

  2. Hornpout…… Bill & I love fishing for them. I have found that not many people here in Northern Maine fish for them or eat them. They are delicious breaded in cornmeal and pan fried. They’re the northern version of catfish and very good to eat (I don’t care for trout or salmon but I Iove hornpout) but can be a little tricky to unhook and to clean with those nasty barbs. You must share your fishing spot with us, Ryan. We’ve been looking for a good place to go “hornpoutin”. It’s the most fun after dark when they are really busy feeding. We build a campfire on the shore, set the poles up, and swap fishing stories while we wait for them to bite. Bill has a really quick way to clean and skin them. He can give you some tips on that and I can share my recipes.
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    1. Beth and her dad used to catch hornpout at Mattaseunk Lake. I’m not sure they ever ate any, but they sure loved to catch them – those hornpout put up such a fight. Gabe and I caught ours quite by accident at Dolby. I had set my pole down to go take some pictures, and when we came back, he was on the line. The line must have been 2 feet off the rocky outcropping we were on. I’d love to try one cooked properly, and would very much like to swap recipes and fishing stories with you and Bill anytime!

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