What a week!

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I realized this morning that I haven’t written anything of real importance in a while.  Sometimes that’s what happens.  It’s easy to blog about the big event, the life crisis, the incredible victory.  It’s harder to blog about the every day, the mundane, the routine.  But that’s the kind of week we had … Sort of.

Sunday night we pulled out an old board game favorite of Beth’s:  Clue!   I don’t think I ever played (correctly, anyway), and the kids took to it almost immediately.  What a fun game.  It’s got us digging though closets looking for our Pictionary and Scattergories sets.

Beth’s back to work after a short hiatus at the end of the school year.  I never get much of a break, but our scheduled week at camp isn’t until the end of the month.   The kids have been at vacation bible school (VBS) all week.  Olivia has been working hard this year to earn the title of VBS Princess.   She’s been helpful, courteous, kind, brought her bible, learned hundreds of memory verses, and even led some children to the sinner’s prayer.  We’ll find out tonight how that worked out for her.  Jake is half student/half volunteer.  He helps out in the sound booth when he’s not in class.

I finally got the air conditioners down out of the attic on the day the humidity broke.  Jake used to call the attic the “up cellar,” which I thought was rather inventive for a kid with only a few words.   Wednesday he called it the “bathroom cellar,” probably because the pull-down stairs are in the bathroom ceiling.

Gabe and I got to get away for a little geocaching the other day.  I wrote about that.  It was fun.  It’s a good open-ended, pick-it-up-where-you-left off kind of adventure.  Good times.

The kids have been spending their free time at the town pool, which is something I never got much of a chance to do as a kid.  I’m not complaining.  Ambajejus Lake was my pool, and I wouldn’t have traded it for the chlorinated variety.  It’s their physical and social link to their friends in the summer, and I’m glad they have it.

We’ve sort of been relaxing since the birthday party last weekend.  It’s rained too much (or been way too hot) to mow the lawn.  I work all this weekend, per the usual for me, so no big plans until Monday, when I’m hoping we can get in some hiking if the weather holds.

Jake is counting down the minutes until he can go to “rock wall autism college,” which is the annual ASM Family Retreat weekend held at St. Joseph’s college in Standish.  He loves to climb the rock wall in the campus center.  He gets a 1-on-1 all weekend, and gets to eat chicken nuggets at almost every meal.  It’s the highlight of his summer!

I guess that’s it for now.  Nothing special, sort of settled into a rut.  It happens so rarely, I kind of like it.

We’re thinking about hiking OJI, one of the Brother mountains, or maybe Coe on Monday.  Any suggestions?

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