What a wild week!

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It’s been a wild week.  We’re at the epicenter of the Super Storm that is basketball, cheering, pep band, and show choir.  

All Star Rec Basketball and Pep Band are almost over, but Competition Cheering and Show Choir are ramping up for the upcoming regionals.  It leaves precious little free time.  Mix that in with some extra-curriculars, and things get a little nuts around here.  

Some highlights: 

This past Thursday, Gabe earned a Paw Award at Medway Middle School for the 2nd Trimester.  They used to do a Student of the Month thing, but reverted to a once per trimester thing.  He is such a deserving kid.  He’s been feeling kind of low lately, so the morale boost was needed.  I’m super proud of him!  He came running to his mother with arms wide open when he saw us sneak in through the back of the gymnasium.  We even snagged a pretty decent family pic.  

Last Saturday we went to Lumberjacks In Love at the Penobscot Theatre.  My friend Sonya’s son Cory is the lead, Minnesota Slim.  It’s absolutely hilarious!  The run is until Feb 19, so if you can possibly get tickets, do so.  It’s well worth it.  Song and dance, plenty of flannel and lots of laughs.  We went down with Dawn and George and hit a steak house afterwards.  

I thought I’d try something a little new and weird, so I bought a pack of charcoal face masks for Liv and I.  Very misleading.  The package clearly said that we were to carefully unfold the mask, place firmly onto our faces, and wait 20-30 minutes, and voila!, we’d be blemish-free.  Oddly, the small print said to NEVER put on a mask such as this over blemishes.  All we found in our envelopes was a bunch of black goo.  Undeterred, we dutifully smeared goo on our faces and waited.  

Earlier that evening, I had shared a funny video of Jake’s that Mrs. Page had found particularly funny.  When I did so, I asked Facebook to help Jacob find the last two subscribers he needed to reach the 200 he’s been pining for.  People came out and he met his goal!  

Jake came out of the Swamp to share his good fortune.  Problem was, my mask had fully hardened and I couldn’t really move my face.  Read this next part aloud without moving your mouth:  “Great job buddy.  I’m so happy for you.  High five.”  It’ll give you the idea.  As of this writing, he’s got 215 subs.  If anyone else wants, here’s the link to Jake’s Youtube channel.  


Meanwhile, we went upstairs to peel our masks off.  Mine came off in a big, creepy piece.  Liv’s came off in hundreds of little pieces that she says felt like band-aids coming off.  She’s vowed to never do a mask again.  

Lastly, Gabe had day one of a basketball tournament today.  His team won both of their first games.  They’re going to have to win another pair tomorrow to be crowned champs.  I’ve got my fingers crossed.  I’m going to have to hear the details from Bangor.  I’m working.  The plan is to leave early and hopefully come home early.  I don’t mind driving in the snow, but I don’t want to do so in the dark.  

OOH!  I almost forgot.  We’ve managed to raise $150 for Jake’s Team in the Autism Society of Maine’s Walk.  Thank you so much to Jon Birt, Daniel Thibodeau, and Missy Banks.  Not to mention Kyle Leathers, who’s joined the team and is raising money on his own.  He’s up to $30!  Let’s keep the ball rolling.  

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