What’s He Thinking?

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What’s he thinking?

Did you know that I rub every lamp I find, hoping that one of them will be hiding a genie, just waiting to grant me a wish or three? I’d love to snap my fingers and make Jake’s autism go away. I want to talk with him, I want to connect with him, and most importantly, I want to know what’s going on in that head of his.

Currently, he’s nuts for America’s Funniest Home Videos.

There’s a season or two on Netflix that he watches over and over. His love of slapstick humor goes way back to Tom and Jerry when he was super young.

He fancies himself to be like host Tom Bergeron. It goes something like, “And now, here’s your host ….. Toooooommm Jacobwhitehouse!” I don’t think he understands that he can simply replace Tom’s name with his own. Jacob even signs off at the end of the day. “Head on over to ABC.com, keyword AFV; and remember … if you get it on film, you, too could get it in cash! Good night everybody!”

bergeron225Why is this so soothing?  I know that it’s familiar, and scripted, but WHY is drawn to it so much?

The other day we went to Medway Middle School to watch Olivia cheer.

Gabe wasn’t playing, so he stayed in the stands with Beth and I. Jake, of course, stayed in the lobby with my iPad, watching from a distance. He lingered in the doorway, and even though everyone was tracking in mud and snow and salt, he still took his boots off and sat Indian-style on the floor. Author’s note: I’m old enough to get away with saying “Indian-style.” The quarter ended, and the loud buzzer sounded, and Jake got so mad he had to do something to express his discomfort/anger. What else? He ripped his socks off one at a time, and threw them to the ground in disgust.

jake basketball

Note: not the other day. He does this a lot.

He knew enough NOT to throw the iPad. He has grown enough that he didn’t push or try to hit anyone, but not so much that it didn’t effect him. Interestingly, we were there for all four quarters, but he only got really mad once. Why? I have no idea. Fortunately, I was able to pull out some excellent telepathic parenting. He knew he had misbehaved, so he naturally cast a glance towards where Beth and I were sitting. Without saying a word, I stood up, looked him directly in the eye (across 100’ of gym floor), and gave him the Dad-stare. He wasn’t long putting his socks back on.

Everyone knows Jake is sound-sensitive.

Why then, does he slowly turn the volume of is video/game/clip higher and higher until it’s reached a point where he has to plug his own ears? He’ll do the “left hand covering the left ear while the head is tilted so far to the right that the right shoulder is kinda covering the right ear” move he’s patented. He’s obviously uncomfortable, but he keeps right on using his right hand to move the mouse, and rarely thinks to grab a pair of his headphones. It’s a common enough occurrence in the house that a simple, yelled, “Jacob!!” is enough to get him to turn down the volume.

Jake took to his glasses without fuss.

We were worried that getting into the habit of wearing them would be a Sisyphean task. They must do him some good, because he put them on that first day and kept them on. Yay! Thing is, at EXACTLY 8:00 p.m. every night, the glasses come off. Every night. If it’s 7:50 and I send him upstairs to take a bath, he’ll wait ten minutes, because he might be away from the clock at 8:00 and miss it. If we leave :02 on the microwave, he gets antsy until we hit the clear button so that the clock shows back up. If we’re out, his internal clock gets working and he’ll grab my wrist to look at my watch every few minutes after 7:30. I have no idea how this started, or why it persists.

I just wish he could tell me.

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