Where Are My Musical #AutismParents At?

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And yes, before you jump all over me, I recognize the grammatical heresy in the title.  I just think, “Where you at?” is funny.  Sue me.

Jake is musical.  We’ve discussed this before in past posts:

Jake Rocks Metallica!

My ever evolving son, who just happens to have ASD.

But here’s the thing I need help with.  Jake’s current “top hits” are a random bunch of songs to my tone-deaf ears.  I’m curious if there’s anyone out there musically inclined enough to tell me if these pieces have anything in common.  You know how Pandora will take your selection of Sweet Emotion and play you something that ALSO have major key tonality, emotional lead performance, etc., etc.??

This is what I’m hoping someone can tell me about these songs.  Is there a link?

I’m not internet-smart enough to embed the actual tunes, so I’m going to embed the Youtube videos to his favorite songs.  In random order, here they are:

Jake’s Favorite Songs At The Moment!

So what do you think?  Just an eclectic mix of tunes, or is there a common thread?  Anyone? 


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