Who’s Mecha Jake, and why does he climb walls?

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I wish I knew.  

Mecha Jake is a persona picked up by Jacob after having played Super Smash Bros. for the Wii for about a million hours.  I think if you buy the right armor for your character, you become “mecha.”  That’s my best guess.  

Last year at the ASM Family Retreat weekend, Jake managed to climb to the top of the rock wall.  It took ages!  He tried and failed a number of times, but finally managed to get there with a lot of encouragement from the crowd.  

It’s funny, he gets stuck in a gray zone where he wants everyone to cheer him on, but simultaneously NOT look.  He doesn’t want to be filmed, but HAS to be able to watch himself later on YouTube.  In last year’s video, you can hear Gabe supporting him, and can hear him making excuses.  He gets really nervous with heights, or at least he used to.  

Since we did Monkey C Monkey Do in Wiscassett, we’ve been able to use that good experience with ropes and harnesses to make him feel a little safer when off the ground.  

On our way down this year, he kept repeating that “the people clapped for Jacob when I climbed the wall and pushed the THAT WAS EASY button.”  

Here’s last year’s clip, which I forgot doesn’t show the actual finish.  I must have run out of memory or inadvertently hit the button before he made it.  Use it for reference as to how slowly he climbed, and how fearful he was.  You CAN hear the ongoing support of the growing crowd:

Here’s a short clip (about a minute) that illustrates how scared he was: 


This year he rocked it!  After all the scheduled programming was done, and the kids had been returned to their parents, Jake wanted to prove to us that he could, in fact, climb the rock wall.  He had already done this 2 or 3 times that day, and was eager to share his skills.  

I filmed all three kids in one long take, so it’s about 6 1/2 minutes long.  

Watch the confidence Jake displays.  He absolutely INSISTED I name the clip Mecha Jake vs. Rock Wall: 

It also bears mentioning that my other two kids do a fabulous job as well.  Their accomplishments often get overlooked in the excitement of something Jake does.  Liv attempts (and succeeds) in climbing the most difficult flat course at the place, and Gabe, in true ninja fashion, completes THE most technical path offered, complete with overhangs!  

As I sit and re-watch, I see Jake’s even wearing his Monkey C Monkey Do t-shirt.  He was obviously in a climbing mood. No hesitation, no excuses, just single-minded confidence.  Listen for Jake cheering Gabe on at about 5:00 as Gabe approaches the top.  I’m super proud!

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