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You know that family that always seem to take everything a little further than is necessary? That’s us. We don’t go for a hike, we climb a mountain. We don’t just camp out in a tent in the backyard, we bivouac the kids into a lean-to for the week.
So when it came time to have a friend over for a sleepover, we figured if 1 would be fun, 3 would be better. And, if it’s gonna be a nice day, we should do something memorable. We started kicking around some thoughts, and Beth thought we should revisit the Chocolate Pie Throw-down of 2012. I was afraid it would seem too derivative, that it lacked originality; but eventually I came to the conclusion I usually get around to anyway … my wife is right!
So, off to the store. Three of our own kids, plus three borrowed, plus an adult or two, equaled at least eight pies. I figured Jake wouldn’t participate, and Beth has more sense than that. Still, good to have extras.




The pies

It wasn’t long before we were set. We needed some rules. I didn’t want a free-for-all with kids throwing, running and missing – wasting pies! In a nutshell, if you wanted to throw one, you had to be willing to take one. As expected, Jake didn’t want to play. Beth was going to run media support. I paired up with one of the twins, Addison. Liv opted to pair with Brady, and Gabe stuck with Audrey.
Liv and Brady went first. Brady put some arm behind his and really creamed her! I was impressed. I knew he was in for it when she held the back of his head in place. He didn’t have time to be nervous, because she drew back and let him have it! I think the picture says it all.


Brady gets Liv


Liv gets her revenge

Up next was Gabe and Audrey. Neither were overly aggressive, but they competently got the job done.


Audrey wastes Gabe


Gabe gets her back

Addison and I went last. I wasn’t sure if she’d be a little nervous pie-ing her friend’s dad, but she didn’t hold back. In fact, she relished it a little too much. You should have seen the look on her eyes. I returned the favor, and we both ended up dripping with chocolate pudding and whipped cream.


Addison disrespects her elder


Big Calf Guy hits a little girl

When it was all said and done, there were lots of happy faces! Memories were made, legends born. The Chocolate Pie Throw-down of 2013 was a success!













Hosing off the driveway is another story all together! Jake was happy to jump in when the pudding had stopped flying with the hose to spray off the kids. I swear our town water is 35 degrees!


Jake begins clean up


Brady gets a shower


The twins’ aftermath


Jake at it again

We’ve done so much ridiculous stuff over the years, our kids are up for anything! I love that parents are so willing to send their kids to our house with a change of clothes, not having any idea what they’re getting into.
Leave suggestions for things you’d like to see in the comment box below. As long as nobody get’s hurt, we’ll consider it.

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  1. Too funny~ What a fun day! Thanks for linking up on Made in a Day!

    • Susan on August 12, 2013 at 10:57 pm
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    Looks like you’ve just started a neighborhood tradition. I predict that next year you’ll have 3 times the participants clamoring to join in. Thanks for sharing at Inspire Us Thursday at Organized 31.

  2. That looks sooo fun! I must try this!

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