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I’m usually a pretty tolerant guy, but some things just tick me off.

I’m pretty sure it’s not just me.  It must be just about everybody else too, right?

Why does the movie based on the book ALWAYS suck?  In related news, why is the sequel kinda crappy and the threequel even worse than that?  Man!

I tried to watch 5th Wave on DVD last night.  I gave up about 1/3 of the way through.  I just couldn’t take it anymore.  I wanted to like it.  I wanted it to surprise me and get suddenly better.  It just didn’t.  Did the director read the book?  Did he understand that his Ben Parish wasn’t even a cheap knockoff?  There wasn’t nearly enough backstory to make Cassie believable.  Sam was hardly a character.  Unacceptable!

Dear directors of the other YA books I read this spring – Mrs. Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and The Girl with all the Gifts – I’m counting on you.  The books were interesting, held my interest, and could be very well done on film.  I doubt you’ll pull it off.

We’ve seen it time and again with Stephen King.  The book is awesome, I get my hopes up, the movie is lackluster.  Carrie (either of them), Pet Sematary, Firestarter, Cujo?  Ugh.  Maybe it’s the director who makes the difference.  Shawshank is canon, Green Mile is good, and Running Man holds up.

The Martian was a spectacular book.  The movie was OK, but no more than that.  People who saw Matt Damon and didn’t read about Mark Watney were probably pleased, but I’m guessing “read first watch later” viewers are in the vast majority there.

I read the Revenant, and now I’m afraid to watch Leo.  He won an Oscar, so I’ll probably take a look.  What’s my solution?  Stop reading?  NO WAY!

I loved Hunger Games, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, 5th Wave, Divergent, and even tolerated 50 Shades for it’s novelty at the time, but the subsequent books were awful.  Trust me, I read them all.  I couldn’t even bring myself to finish the “fourth” book begun by Steig Larsson.  What was that piece of crap all about?  The second book is always (and I suppose by definition) a revisit of the first, but the third book always seems to be junk.

Do you think it’s my shortened attention span?  Or is it a blatant grab at more financial gain by the author, who gets a single good idea and tries to milk it for as long as he can fool readers into buying the next book?  Maybe I’ll take some of the blame.  I couldn’t stomach Showtime’s version of Outlander, even though I’ve enjoyed the first four books in that series.  I’m on hiatus from Jamie and Claire because, after nearly 4,000 pages, I needed a break.

Am I overreacting?  Does this happen to you?

What’s the worst book-turned-movie you’ve ever seen?  The best?  I’d love to hear your opinions.  Is The Revenant with DiCaprio worth it?  Thoughts?

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  1. I have a hard time w/the books to movie thing, too. I think yes, they read the book (directors) but often times they are stuck w/something called “time”. Having read scripts I get how things need to be cut out. HOWEVER! Please keep the characters as they are in the books. That, that drives me wild! I find mini-series are far better ways of adapting novels. I don’t care about looks, but character wise! Please, be true.

    I happened to like the Martian and thought Affleck’s Best Friend did a GREAT job considering what they did cut out, and how much “alone” time he had on screen. However, the audiobook rocked for me, as you know.

    I do have a bone to pick, The Running Man? Other than the name, how are the book and the movie related?? Like, TRM book is classic, a full on dissection of all that is wrong about society! The movie? A steaming heap of merde…..

    Yes, writers and directors are a huge reason as to how good the adaptation is, also the actors, I find are key. IT for example, the mini wasn’t great. Not really. But – Tim Curry aka, Pennywise….. Simply made that movie into what it was.

    Again, Mini-Series seem to be a far better way of translating novels onto the screen, more time, BUT it doesn’t make as much $$. In-there lies the crux. TV shows are okay. I happened to like Legend of The Seeker a LOT (tv show) the novels (Sword of Truth), I hated them! Mostly, tv doesn’t stick to canon much more.

    Being a comic fan, (big, big, big fan!) I am the girl in the theater going “Yeah, Rogue didn’t have a name!!” or “Wolverine is to tall!” or “Scott Summers is the OLDER brother, not Alex”. No. One. Sticks. To Canon! *insert sad sigh*

    Confession: I hated The Revenant, the movie. Hated, hated, hated! I thought it indulgent, and boring…. Just… boring so I’ve not read the book yet!

    • Drake on July 14, 2016 at 5:25 pm
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    The Revenant was worth the watch. I didn’t know there was a book though, I enjoyed it!

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