Your Cousin, Jacob Ryan Whitehouse

Tell Your Friends

Jacob’s cousin Drake is away in Texas going through basic training for the US Air Force.

The kids have been writing him letters to keep him encouraged and to let him know we’re behind him here in the Pine Tree State.

Last night Jacob wrote to Drake.  Beth said to let Drake know what Jacob’s been up to.  That’s the first half.  For the second half, Beth instructed Jacob to ask a few questions.  My favorite was to ask him “if he had fun”. Here’s the letter.  I’ll help with transition after the image.  

Dear Drake

My name is Jacob and how [are] you doing?

I’m doing well at school.

I got A’s and 100% at school. [true, he’s killing sophomore year]

I’m doing basketball.  Tryouts on Monday.  5 to 7.  I can’t wait for first season.

I’m going to do great. [love his confidence]

I want [went] to Liv’s basketball game.  She won 2 games.  I hope you did well.  Where are you?  What does [it] look like?

If you had so much fun? [love this part, so literal]

I can’t wait to see you.

Your cousin, Jacob Ryan Whitehouse

How absolutely frickin’ adorable is this?

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    • Jan MG on November 23, 2017 at 12:18 pm
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    So awesome how something as simple as a letter gives Jake tools for life, community, communication, empathy, thoughtfulness, expression of self. You guys are killing it in the parent department!

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